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Health is a journey, not a destination.

Hi, I'm Colleen! I'm an RN, Holistic Health Coach and the owner of Connected Minds Health and Wellness. My journey to wellness was triggered by a health awakening six years ago. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 22, and wasn't feeling better or getting the answers I needed. After a lot of trial and error, and struggling with fatigue, bloating, skin and digestional issues, I found that real nutrient-dense food, clean water, regular movement, sunshine, quality sleep and removal of toxins were what my body was craving. I learned to listen, honor and trust what my body was saying. When you're connected, you thrive. 

My mission is to empower and educate busy women to regain control over their health and equip them with the tools to make the best decisions for themselves and families. Restrictive diets don't work. It gets uncomfortable to make changes, but IT'S WORTH IT.

Are you ready to feel empowered, get off the diet roller coaster and make LASTING health changes? During our focused, 1:1 intentional coaching sessions, you'll receive support, recipes, accountability and guidance to navigate your wellness journey to build a strong foundation of health, creating the necessary space for personal growth and positive shifts in your life.  Your health is essential. I am so happy to support you during this transformative journey.

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