My must-haves that are used daily & are always stocked to support wellness



Clean, quality water is essential. We are made up of 70% water on average! Since we lose so much water during sleep, sweating, digestion and breathing, it is so important to stay hydrated and drink CLEAN water. You will feel better, look better and do better. Think, half your body weight in ounces per day. Tap water can hide chemicals, bacteria, viruses and pharmaceuticals. None of these are meant to be in our water! I've found I function my best and absolutely LOVE the taste of Berkey Water. Also, is stainless steel and looks great in my kitchen. Clean water is good for pets and house plants, too! Quality over quantity!


All the sauces, dressings, mayos and more! Primal Kitchen products are made with avocado oil and an incredible blend of nourishing herbs, spices and organic ingredients. Eat real food with real sauces, minus the refined sugar, dairy, grains, gluten and refined vegetable oils. Enjoy 10% off with the code liveconnected10


These incredible blends of bitters stimulate digestive juices to help properly break down food, reduce heartburn, curb appetite and balance blood sugar! All organic and loaded with healing herbs to promote wellness from within.


This superfood blend is packed with flavor and nutrients! With 1/7th the amount of coffee, MUD WTR is a great coffee substitute or the perfect addition to blend the rich warm spices into coffee. Enjoy a discount on me!