3 Ways Yoga Positively Impacted My Daily Routine

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Yoga helps the body and mind connect on a deeper level through breath work and intentional movement. When you only have one focus, it allows your body the ability to quiet the mind and reset. Yoga is a spiritual practice, promoting physical and mental well being by respecting the limits of each individual, encouraging personal growth and inner peace.

1. Mindful breathing increases the amount of oxygen the body has to work with, improving overall function of body systems like oxygenation to vital organs and brain power. My hands and feet were always cold, no matter the environment. After learning how to control my breathing, my temperature was more regulated.

2. Intentional movement creates a sense of power to control your own body, therefore building strength, tone, flexibility and stability within the body.* I noticed after two weeks, I was able to finally touch my toes from standing, maintain poses I wasn't previously able to and had more energy throughout the day. The discomfort I had in my neck and back after long hours on my feet during work were also reduced.

3. Quality sleep is crucial for our bodies to be able to repair and reset. Improper sleep or disrupted sleep has a relationship with a wide-range of disorders such as high blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, impaired immune functioning, cardiovascular disease, mood disorders like anxiety and neurodegeneration.* Lack of sleep can disrupt your lifestyle, work schedule, emotional state and mental clarity. A healthy adult should aim for 7-7.5 hours a night. I immediately felt a deeper relaxation and ability to unwind prior to bedtime, for a well rested night sleep. I was getting about 6 hours a night prior to starting yoga, and moved toward 7+ hours, feeling more rested upon waking in the morning and less stressed to start my day. Sleep is essential.




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